Full Bloom

Mixed Media class in Portraits, Abstract Figures and Art Journaling

Classroom Is Open


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"Everything is blooming most recklessly"

~ Rainer Maria Rilke

Through out history flowers have been inspiring artists, designers, poets and writers for centuries. Monet's water lilies, Van Gogh's sunflowers, Dior's couture gowns, even Grimm's Fairy Tales. Flowers can be represented literally or used as metaphors for beauty, brevity and life itself.

Full Bloom is an online mix media course where we celebrate the enchanting world of flowers. They will inspire us to create beautifully textured backgrounds, luminous portraits, and abstract figures while developing a rich creative practice.  The class will be taught online and you will be able to access it anytime that is convenient for you.

In this course I will share my artistic process along with many of the elements that I love to incorporate into art. We will experiment with beautiful supplies like  charcoal, graphite, pastels, oil pastels, acrylics, vintage ephemera and collage elements. We will venture outside our studios and homes in search of a fresh perspective for our art. Gather together ideas, words, books, images and more to invite new ideas and nurture that all important spark. I will open my Art Journals and share how I devote myself to a subject and how everything is relevant. 

I believe that if we embrace practice and devote ourselves to a subject, then inspiration will reveal itself and so will the soul of our art. Join me on a journey that will fill your heart and have your mind overflowing with possibilities. 

This course is for anyone who wants to be open to developing a beautiful creative practice. Whether you're just beginning your creative journey or in need of inspiration, I invite you to join me and together we will create art that we are meant to create.

Classroom Is Open


For Lifetime Access - Downloadable Videos

" I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else."

 ~Pablo Picasso

I will share my philosophy about when the smallest glimmer of an idea tugs at your brain take notice, write it down, nurture it, devote yourself to it and allow it to become your North Star. A beautiful process that will open you to inspiration and ultimately become the creative bridge that will give form and meaning to your art.

The class will be taught online and you will be able to access it anytime that is convenient for you.

A List of the beautiful projects we will work on during the course:

Project 1: Honor the spark of an idea, explore, gather and prepare. This project will get you out of your comfort zone and out of the house as you explore, collect and follow your "North Star", a beautiful project that is good for the soul. I will also share with you how I prepare and practice in my art journal, a very liberating process that may result in a more fulfilling and expressive art process. It will also assist in moving you through the fear of "beginning", something we all face as creatives.

Project 2: Develop a beautiful color palette and color deck to use throughout the course which will bring cohesiveness to your art. This will be a wonderful tool to use when creating a series.

Project 3: Using a variety of art materials, collage elements, and vintage papers, we will create an expressive, mixed media abstract. Touching on composition, color, value, texture and mark making. 

Project 4: We create a Mixed Media Portrait using a photo reference. We begin with a few warm-up sketches in charcoal. I will share with you how I layout the portrait by first creating a block in. Then we keep the portrait "open" as we continue to map out the placement of the features, establish scale and proportion, look at value, negative space and the expressiveness of the portrait that we are trying to convey. Once the drawing is complete, we will begin to add color to create a luminous and expressive portrait. Acrylic paint, soft pastels, pastel pencils, and gesso. If you are new to drawing faces, I will provide a guide for your practice.

Project 5: In our final project, we will create an abstract figure and include ideas, inspiration, techniques and personal mark making to create an expressive piece of art. This project will uncover the essence of your work.

Below are the supplies that I will be using, please don't feel

you must purchase everything on the list.  Use what you have.

Feel free to contact me with questions.


Mixed Media Art Journal: Strathmore Mix Media Journal,  Ranger Mix Media Art Journal

Gesso: Clear, White & Black

Matte Medium: Liquitex (Matte)

Charcoal: Pencils, Derwent charcoal blocks in white

Permanent Ink: FM or Speedball India Ink

Carbon pencil

Pastels: I use Sennelier and have purchased the half stick Portrait set of the Soft & individual colors in the Oil Pastels

Acrylic paints 

Water soluble graphite: Lyra and Artgraf Tin

Mechanical pencils

Putty Knife

Assortment of brushes

Strathmore Mix Media sheets or Pads

Strathmore Drawing paper - any size will work, but I like the 18x24

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