Kasia Avery | Guest Artist Interview

Earlier this year, I came across a post on Instagram looking for new teachers for the yearlong course, Wanderlust. I applied, and a few months later, I received an email from Kasia asking me to be a part of this incredible creative adventure. If you’ve taken any of my classes, you know that I believe in the power of art journaling. It is a place where you can abandon perfection and allow your creative voice to emerge in its purest form. So, I have to say, I did a little twirl in my studio when I found out that I will be a part of Wanderlust 2020.

Since this is my first year as a teacher on Wanderlust, I thought it would be fun to interview Kasia and find out a little more about Wanderlust came about and her thoughts about the importance of art journaling.


1. What inspired you and Jamie to create Wanderlust?

Two things really. First was Jamie's idea of creating a membership club for his arts and crafts online shop. The second was my unstoppable urge to introduce as many people as possible to art journaling. I was teaching in-person and traveling a lot, and I could see that art journaling literally changes people. The creativity that they discover through this beautifully forgiving form is just wild.

I wanted this to get big. I wanted to reach people who have this magic within them (and we all do!) and help them flourish, help them discover that freedom, whatever their circumstances or limitations. Online was the answer in this case. We put both ideas together, and that's how, in 2015, we created Wanderlust.

2. Why do you feel art journaling is essential to the creative process?

Here's the thing - in my opinion, creativity needs space to bloom, it needs freedom. It needs to be unleashed and allowed to go a little crazy. Then it grows big and strong and takes you to some wonderful places. Art journals are the perfect tool to let your creativity reveal itself. An art journal can be intimately personal, and therefore it allows you to be more experimental.

This is not a piece of art that you have to sell, exhibit (though you can, sure!), explain to anyone or show off. This gives your creativity the freedom to go crazy, to risk, and discover. And when you allow it to happen, that's when the fireworks go off. You get ideas and courage, you make a start at developing your own (and very authentic!) style, you start mastering techniques, you start becoming an artist that can tell a story through their art.

3. I love all the beautiful colors you use in your journal pages, can you share how you decide on a color palette?

Thank you so much! Colour is something I can go on about for hours so be careful what you ask for :) I always start with a colour wheel, this is a must. People think that if you need a colour wheel, then you are inexperienced. I think it's the opposite - it shows that you know what you are doing and you know what you are looking at. I like the analogous colour scheme. I choose one colour that I want to use, find it on a colour wheel. Then I look at what's next to it - these are the colours that I will be using the most.

Then I often look at the colour that's on the opposite side of the colour wheel (complimentary), and I use small amounts of it at the end to add contrast. I also add quite a bit of white and black (or Paynes Gray) to my pieces, also to ensure contrast.

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