Between The Pages Of My Sketchbook

The Good, The Bad, The Overworked, And A Bit Of Promise.

Hello Everyone,

I decide that it would be fun (and real) to give you a look at the pages in my sketchbook. The good, the bad, the really bad and what came of it all.

On Monday morning, after Olivia went to school and Marc was off to work, I sat down on the floor of my studio with a cup of coffee pondering on where to start. Should I draw? Should I paint? Should I work on the commission piece that has been staring at me for weeks? Hmm...

Well, to get the ball rolling, I pulled out my favorite little green sketchbook and started sketching. This led to another cup of coffee, and of course I had to check in on Instagram - don't want to miss anything.  And then back to sketching, listening to music, checking to see if there was anything good in the fridge (no), more sketching, and a lot of charcoal flinging for most of the day. That night, I found myself back on the floor (extremely messy by now) my coffee was replaced with a lovely glass of wine, and I studied everything that I had created. Then thought - what's next? 

So, while I continue to ponder this question - here are, the pages that I worked on over the past three days. Very raw drawings, overworked drawing, bad drawing,  and some that held promise. Along with a random photo of my grandmother standing in front of palm trees -I have no explanation for this, but I just like it. 

Below the sketchbooks are a few additional drawings. I decided work for a while using my non-dominant hand (a challenge on IG from Ivy Newport) which seemed to propel me into creating something real. The last one began with my left hand and I finished it up with my right.





While I love to spend weeks on a drawing like this one, I'm loving this process as well. I believe it is all about embracing imperfections.  They are real and they are beautiful.

Have a beautifully, imperfect week.