100 Portraits 100 Days And My Reasons Why

At first it seemed like a good idea, fun as a matter of fact. I can do this, no problem. I draw almost everyday - easy! Until yesterday. It turned into a complete struggle to complete a portrait. I began to wonder why on earth was I doing this?  Am I crazy?  Probably! Then, there was my inner dialogue chiming in....

Day 1

Day 1

Who will care if you skip one day? Don't you know there are bigger issues in the world then your little charcoal drawing?  It's only one day!  You don't have time. Your daughter's epic 8th grade project is due tomorrow.  The house is a disaster! You need to call your mom. You haven't checked your email since Saturday, Why don't you just have another chocolate Easter egg and think about it - it's okay, really. 

But, then, I became much more clear about the reasons why I wanted to do this project.  And I became determined not to skip one day, because if I skip one, then I will more than likely skip more again in the future.

I did create a quick little sketch on Day 7 and posted it. (you can see it here, on my Instagram) While it's not great, it was  okay with me because it was not the point to create a good drawing. For me, it was that I didn't give in and skip the day (or eat the chocolate eggs) I overcame my resistance and moved forward with a clearer point of view on this project.


So, now, here is day 8 and I'm about to go into my studio to begin today's portrait. I do believe  I have a better understanding of my reasons why. I know that I want to clear my head, I want to focus only on one thing and use a minimal of art supplies. I want to use charcoal.  I love how it moves across the paper, how I can create like and dark, mood and emotion and I don't have to think about color. It is just me, the charcoal, the paper and the portrait. It is a very intimate experience and one that I am compelled to complete. 

I have never taken on anything like this before and I'm very interested in where this journey will take me and take my art. I'm sure I will have many more days like yesterday - I would be very surprised if I didn't. But, even if I have to create a sketch on my grocery receipt, I will do it.

I will be posting my drawings everyday on Instagram @reneedesigns. I would love it if you would take a look, it will help me to know that you are checking in on me.

Enjoy your day