Drawing Everyday Is Keeping Me Honest

I have been drawing everyday for more years than I can count. I have sketchbooks in my purse, by the couch, on my night table, and in my studio. When I travel I take my sketchbooks and art supplies, so I don't miss a day of creating. However, upon embarking on the "100 Portraits !00 Days" project, I came to the realization that I was not really drawing everyday.

I wasn't committed to my practice, I wasn't really seeing my art. I realized that i've been jumping around from project to project and not really knowing if I was on the right creative path.  But, for the moment I know what to do, when to show up and what I want to create. For me this is everything . It is keeping me honest with myself and my creative practice.

I now block off the same time everyday to draw, and what I'm discovering is that with each passing day, I sit down with less and less resistance. I just begin. And I love that this is happening. 

IMG_1699 copy.jpg

I am now almost one quarter of the way through my 100 days, and I'm beginning to sense a shift in my drawing, something that I can't quite describe. If it ever does become clear I will let you know.

Out of the twenty-two portraits that I have completed so far, there are eight that stand out to me. I really love them. While the others are nice, there is something about the eight that have really captured my attention. I found myself lingering over them a bit longer than the others, not wanting to finish. Maybe these eight are the clue to where this project is going. Then again, maybe I'm just getting a little too "woo woo" about this whole thing. But, I kinda like "woo woo" so I'm going with it.


I can't begin to tell you how important this project has become to me. I think about it constantly, I can't wait to begin my next drawing. Maybe it will be the one that I linger over a bit longer than the others. Maybe, it will join the ranks of my favorite eight. We shall see.

I read somewhere that when an artist draws a portrait from a live model, they are capturing the essence, or soul of the model. But, when an artist draws from a reference photo, the drawing becomes a reflection of the soul of the artist.  I would like to think this may be true.

I'm sharing my drawings everyday on Instagram @reneedesigns. If you're not on Instagram, I have created a page on my website in the Gallery - 100 Portraits 100 Days.

Thank you for stopping by and I wish you a beautiful and creative day.