Ladies Of Literature | Finding Inspiration For Your Art

Another week has flown by like a flash, a week with too many things to do and places to be. However, I did find a little time to make art, read an amazing book - Education by Tara Westover - and provide "taxi" service to all of Olivia's events and teenage gatherings.

Much like creating art, I find reading a good book a beautiful escape from all the obligations that seem to fill the day. It is so good for our souls to disconnect, sit quietly and wander alongside the characters on the page.

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Beautiful stories can be retold in so many creative ways and have been a source of inspiration for composers, musicians, filmmakers, designers, and dancers for decades.

In my new class Ladies of Literature, we will look to our favorite books and authors for inspiration in order to fuel our imaginations. As an artist, you too are a storyteller. You can take ideas and opinions gleaned from a book or a film and weave them together with emotion to create beautiful original art.

Whether you love classical literature, memoirs, mysteries, fairytales, or fiction, the creative possibilities are truly endless.



I'm so honored to be a guest artist again this year for Ivy Newport's beautiful Creative Network and present my latest class, Ladies of Literature. I hope you will join me as we walk alongside our favorite female characters and create beautiful art together.

So, take pause and steal a few moments for yourself. Meander through a bookstore or visit your local library and find a good book to read. Then, pull out your art supplies and create!

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You can learn more about my class and the projects we will be doing by visiting Ivy’s website here. I would love to have you join me.